Our Story

Hi! I’m Shereen O’Brien, mummy of Sebastian and Sienna and founder of Lil’ Souls.

We create beautiful handmade clothes and vegan shoes that help provide children all over the world with access to safe water.

It all started in 2013, when my husband and I volunteered at an orphanage whilst on our honeymoon in Kenya. It was heartbreaking to see how so many kids had lost their parents to diarrheal diseases, because they didn’t have access to safe drinking water and sanitation.

We learnt that diarrhea was also the second leading cause of death in little children under 5. Diarrhea… It seemed like something so preventable, so treatable and yet it was the biggest threat to these kids lives.

 The lady who founded the orphanage showed us how they had installed a water system and explained how safe water not only saved lives but it could transform lives. She believed water was the key to providing these kids with a bright future.

 Clean water brought health & opportunity. Access to safe water was time saved. Time that would have been spent walking for miles to collect water. Time that kids got back to just be kids, to get an education, to create opportunity.

 That one little pump transformed a community.

Photo courtesy of Water.org

At Lil’ Souls we believe that it’s the little changes we make in life that can make a big difference. We hope that our small business can make a big difference to these kids lives.

 From the inspiring messages on the soles of our shoes, to the materials of our products, to the impact that each purchase brings, we believe that a bit of kindness can go a long way.

 Every item that you purchase from Lil' Souls will help to provide one person with access to safe water for one year through Water.org. Find out morhere.

We make all our clothes from natural fibers from the cotton and flax plant so they are soft and kind on your babies skin.

 Our shoes are all made from vegan-leather and animal cruelty-free, meaning that the glue, ink and material we use does not contain any animal products.

 We thank you all for your support, together we can make a difference.

 Love Shereen x

Photo courtesy of Water.org