Our Story


Lil’ Souls, is a vegan baby shoe brand that was founded by Shereen O’Brien.

After becoming a mother, she became more conscious of what she was putting in and on her child’s body as well as the future that we were creating for the next generation.

Whilst she was able to find many natural, vegan food and body products that were toxin-free as well as animal-cruelty-free, she struggled to find a good quality pair of baby shoes that were not made from animal leather.

So she decided to create her own and that’s how Lil’ Souls was born.


At Lil’ Souls we believe that every living creature has a soul that should be nurtured and cherished.

Our shoes are lovingly hand made using the highest quality, breathable, vegan leather. So you can rest assured that no animals were harmed in the making of our shoes.

We understand how important it is to start your little ones off on the right foot.

As well as being cruelty free, each one of our shoes is empowered with messages to inspire kids to be good, kind and brave souls.

We believe that the words we use around our children become their inner voice. Give them love, support and encouragement and their inner voice will nurture them. lilsouls3-67of163-testpixlr.jpg